Account Payable

Account Payable

In most organizations accounts payable procedures are often not managed to world-class standards due to the time and expense required to implement best practices. Accounts payable automation ledger ensures that authorized invoices are paid accurately.

We provide accounts payable automation and account payable ledger services. We also provide business processing services such as payment scheduling; check mailing and electronic payments through the Internet. In this competitive world organizations streamline their business processes to become more efficient and profitable.

What is Accounts Payable Ledger?

There are accounts detailed records, which are frequently updates in the form of book with pages dedicated to every supplier that shows how much is owed to each supplier. Accounting Payable Ledger provides each transaction with listed supplier. The balance in this ledger will meet with the general ledger balance.

The speed and accuracy of invoicing and processing sales transactions dictates how rapidly you will be paid. By out-sourcing your accounts payable software department to us, your organization gets best practices without large capital investments and long, risky implementation cycles.

Outsourcing your accounts payable automation tasks can bring greater benefits including:

  • Reduced annual accounts payable ledger costs
  • Centralized control over payables across the enterprise
  • Superior quality
  • High accuracy

Accounting outsourcing constant investment in cutting edge technologies to provide professional and accurate Account Payment Processing services for your organization. Processing of checks, posting payments, transferring funds or digital images, no matter your needs, we have the right people and solutions with the flexibility to process day-to-day transactions quickly and accurately solution at Insight Consultancy (Kenya) Limited allows customers to outsource all or part of their accounts payable ledger business functions.