Many of our clients choose to outsource their payroll processing functions to us. The benefits include:

  • Clients’ administration staff are freed up to do more profitable tasks.
  • The requirement to process sensitive information is kept away from clients’ offices thus reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Processing is done on a cost-effective, negotiated fixed fee basis in accordance with pre-agreed timetables.
  • Our team keep fully up to date with legislative requirements and changes on behalf of our clients.
  • We liaise directly with the relevant authorities in the event of queries regarding payroll deductions.
  • Detailed analysis and reports are provided in respect of payroll information.
  • Instructions, reports and payslips can be transferred efficiently via secure, encrypted e-mail. Electronic files can be produced for importing into electronic banking systems and accounting software for payments and accounts processing respectively.
  • Support on the event of KRA enquiries.

We are well conversant with the statutory requirements and current legislation applicable to various types of emoluments including fringe benefits like interest free loans and non-cash benefits like housing, motor vehicle, electricity, telephone etc. which will be reflected correctly on the payroll and tax will be calculated as per the rates applicable to these benefits.

We will reflect on the payroll, deductions like leave pay, absent days, loans, advances, sacco payments, life insurance and pension contributions.

We maintain records for Human Resource Management some of which would include employee personal details, education details, employment history, leave records, departments, section, position and grades. We will coordinate with the Human Resource Manager to ensure that employees are appropriately paid and compensated.

Our payroll service is comprehensive with end to end solution which will include the following:

Delivery of following reports every month in hard copies as well as soft copies by email:

  • Various payroll summaries and reports which includes all types of earnings and deductions both employee wise and departmental.
  • Payslips in two copies of which one will be in sealed envelope for distribution to employees.
  • PAYE returns.
  • NHIF returns.
  • NSSF returns.
  • Quarterly PAYE returns (P10D).
  • End of the year PAYE returns for each employee (P9, P9A, P10 & P10A).

Submit monthly statutory payments together with the respective monthly returns to the following authorities:

  • Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Online Submission on iTax.
  • National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Online Submission on iTax or Manual Submission.
  • National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Online Submission.

We facilitate registration of Companies for KRA online services on iTax and can submit PAYE returns online to KRA on your behalf.

We will make electronic payments of salaries on your behalf. If you wish we can send electronic instructions on your behalf to your bank in the format accepted by your bank for you to make salary payments to your employees. Alternatively we can maintain a client bank account for your Company from which we can remit salaries to your employees bank accounts thus preserve confidentiality of salaries paid.

Our fees for processing payrolls are competitive and fixed in advance with a written quote.

Contact us, we will provide you the best solution for all your Payroll needs.