VAT & Other Returns

VAT & Other Returns

Value Added Tax (VAT) has become an integral concept in the current company scenario. Although the entire concept appears to be pretty simple, it is in fact, much more complicated and wields a significant influence on all kinds of businesses. We, your most trusted business service provider, offers its customers a pioneering array of bookkeeping, accounting and financial accounting services to suit all kinds of business requirements. We offer you a broad spectrum of VAT services at perfectly affordable rates.

Our VAT services cover a varied range of processes ranging from a thorough investigation of the VAT-affected processes to providing assistance to clients for the effective management of taxation liabilities. We possess a dedicated team of highly qualified, well-experienced professionals, who help clients to significantly minimize VAT assessments and their VAT liabilities. Our long-standing experience in the field has helped us to serve a wide variety of businesses, which require different levels of support.

We also specialize in individual returns of other KRA taxes such as PAYE, NSSF and NHIF. This can be for and behalf of the current clients that we handle.

Broadly encompass customized VAT services are designed to meet the specific requirements…

  • VAT planning reviews
  • Giving VAT advice on high-risk areas such as land and property, partial exemption, international services and anti-avoidance measures
  • Review of assessments and tribunal appeals
  • VAT advice on supply of specific goods and services, giving advice on problems related to VAT registration
  • VAT health checks
  • In-depth analysis of business costs for optimized statutory VAT entitlements
  • VAT reclaim
  • Regulatory update
  • Providing assistance regarding the completion of VAT returns
  • Various other statistical returns and advice on record-keeping requirements and the use of special VAT schemes

To learn more about our VAT, PAYE, NHIF or NSSF services, please contact us.