Payroll Benefits

Payroll Benefits


Our payroll service is comprehensive with end to end solution which will include the following:

Delivery of various payroll reports every month in hard copies as well as soft copies by email. These reports would mainly comprise of following:

  1. Payroll summary and analysis which will show all types of earnings and deductions generated in any of the following order:
    1. Employee number.
    2. Department.
    3. Cost Center.
    4. Branch.
    5. Section.
    6. Company.
  2. Payroll Journals.
  3. Leave status report.
  4. Generate Bank SFI.
  5. Full HR Report.
  6. Pension Fund Report.
  7. Various cash and non-cash benefits report like car benefit, housing, telephone and many others.
  8. End of the year PAYE returns for each employee (P9, P9A, P10 & P10A).
  9. NSSF Return and Report.
  10. NHIF Report and Return.
  11. Payslips in two copies of which one will be in sealed envelope for distribution to employees.
  12. Cheque payment list.
  13. Cash payment list.
  14. Bank transfer list.

These are some of the examples of reports that we can generate but it is not an exhaustive list as we can prepare any type of reports required by the Company.