BUPA Travel

BUPA Travel

IHI (International Health Insurance) Medical Travel Insurance are part of the BUPA Group and based in Denmark.

IHI* specialise in worldwide medical insurance and well being. IHI has developed a portfolio of over 250,000 private and corporate customers providing them with superior worldwide medical insurance for more than 30 years.

With IHI, you can choose a travel insurance which covers one single trip – IHI Single Trip – or you can choose to be covered all year round on all your trips abroad, for up to 1 month per trip, with IHI Annual Travel.

Benefits: The following is a summary of the benefits available – the complete terms and conditions are stated in the policy conditions available from IHI:

  • USD 300,000 cover per person per trip
  • 100% cover for emergency treatment and medical evacuation
  • No deductible and no co-insurance
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Direct payment of all hospital bills all over the world
  • Free cover of children under the age of two
  • Worldwide cover during all types of travel: leisure, study and business
  • No restrictions on hazardous sports or occupations (except professional motor sports)
  • Cover for risk and war zones (a loading may be applied)

Contact us to learn more about our International Medical Cover services. To learn more about BUPA, click on the link www.bupa-intl.com