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BUPA Business

Reassurance with BUPA Company Scheme.

Whatever business you're in, safeguarding you and your employees' health makes good sense. If you have staff based overseas, you need to know that they and their families can get access to the support and medical care they need. Varying Levels of Cover. BUPA provides cover for many different types of companies, from major airlines, oil exploration companies and banks, to schools and colleges around the globe. All you need to qualify is a minimum of three expatriate employees. The more of your expatriate team you cover, the less it can cost you per employee. The BUPA Business offers the following levels of covers:

GOLD: A comprehensive scheme that gives your employees cover for inpatient and out-patient medical treatment. In addition, Gold covers the prescription medication that such treatment often results in. Home nursing, vaccinations, a range of 4 preventative health checks and accidental dentistry are also included (routine dentistry is an optional extra).

CLASSIC: This level gives your employees cover for specialist medical treatment or diagnosis. They will be covered for outpatient consultations, diagnostic tests and in-patient hospital stays. A range of 4 preventative health checks and vaccinations are also included.

ESSENTIAL: This plan concentrates on hospital treatment. Your employees will be covered if they receive treatment during a stay in hospital or as a day-care patient.

The above three options all include access to Bupa International Healthline. Healthline offers medical and general health care advice from medical professionals over the telephone, 24 hours a day and is available to all members. It also offers information about local medical facilities around the world, medical referrals to local clinics and hospitals, travel information such as visa and inoculation requirements and legal referral and embassy information.

Evacuation: Ideal if there is an issue with the quality of local medical care. When necessary, we'll give your staff emergency evacuation to the nearest centre of medical excellence no matter where they are in the world.

Repatriation (includes Evacuation): Our highest level gives your employees the additional choice of returning home for treatment in their country of origin, when it is not available locally. This means they can be treated in a familiar environment close to family and friends.

Medical history disregarded: Companies with more than 20 employees can ask for the medical history of their employees to be disregarded. Simply tell us when you apply for cover and we'll let you know how much it costs.

Tailored for companies with 100 members plus: If you need to cover a group of 100 members or more, BUPA can tailor-make a scheme to suit your exact requirements.

What's not covered? In order to keep your subscription down, we don't cover certain conditions and circumstances. These include pre-existing conditions that you have when you join, convalescent care, routine dental cover, treatment for AIDS or HIV-related conditions which originated in the first five years of membership, elective cosmetic surgery/treatment, war risks, mental health conditions that arise within the first two years of membership and health hydros/nature cure clinics.

Contact us to learn more about our International Medical Cover services. To learn more about BUPA, click on the link www.bupa-intl.com